The European Cities' Visitors Report
Get The European Cities Visitor Report -Fifth edition
In accordance with European Cities Marketing's vision of being the leading network for sharing expertise, the fifth edition of the The European Cities' Visitors Report that shall equip the European Cities Marketing members with all important trends and recent developments in the European Cities Tourism business has been published on December 31, 2008.
'The European Cities' Visitors Report 2008/9´ contains more than 200 easily understandable graphical charts and the REPORT includes a CD-Rom that contains all charts of the REPORT in form of Power-Point slides, saving your organisation lot of working time for the design of related presentations.
The European Cities' Visitors Report shows the strength of city tourism as engine and economical catalyst for the economy, and compares the economical value of city tourism with the value of national tourism. This is useful for members as arguments in their dialogues with local and national governments and/or national tourist boards. A lot of work and money has been invested in this report in order to help you with your job!
Special Impact Crisis Review’ of the ECM European Cities’ Visitors Report presents the earliest market trends of the first quarter of 2009 and the results of business year 2008 across six source market segments.
Both publications are available at ECM Head Office. Download the order form and purchase now!