European Cities Online Benchmarking Tool is designed for administering the necessary city tourism statistics in an easy and efficient way.

The data is provided by TourMIS ( for the online system and is used to benchmark European cities based on their arrivals, bednights, capacity, and occupancy rates. The results of the benchmark calculations such as market volume, guest-mix share and percentage change are shown as graphs, which can be downloaded in commonly used formats (i.e pdf, png). The data used for calculations can be seen under the graphs and downloaded as a .csv file well.

In addition to these features, a forecasting function is available, which automatically calculates trends and forecasts based on the latest data available in TourMIS.

Another feature of the system is economic indicators which include Unemployment Rate, Economic Sentiment Indicator, Consumer Confidence Indicator, Currency Exchange Rate, Stock Market Development and Private Consumption Growth. Graphs developed in economic indicators section doesl not only show the differences of indicators in city tourism benchmark markets, but also the relationship of individual indicators and the development of demand (bednights) in European cities and countries.

An example graph is shown below that shows the development of European city tourism international bednights growth in 2012 compared to 2011.